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We aim to provide excellent value for money and our fees reflect our commitment to offering you the best possible dental treatments at affordable prices.  

Like most of us you probably want to keep your teeth as long as possible and we believe that prevention is better than cure. So we will show you how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and teach you how to care for your teeth properly. We always check for oral cancer and we want to give you long-term dentistry solutions not quick, short-term fixes that cause you trouble and cost you more in the long run.

Please Note: All Treatment Appointments need to be secured by a deposit.

Treatments Membership Private
New Patient Examination (inc 2 xrays + photos) £80 £80
Recall Examination Included £50
X-rays £10 £10
Routine Scale and Polish (Dentist or Hygienist) Included £48
Hygienist Visit As Above From £48
White Fillings - Single Surface From £68 From £85
White Fillings - Two Surfaces From £114.40 From £143
White Fillings - Three Surfaces From £140.80 From £176
Root Canal Treatment From £176 From £220
Crown - Porcelain Bonded From £600 From £750
Bridgework - Porcelain Bonded
Bridgework – Maryland
Re-cement - Crown
From £1080
From £704
From 1350
From £880
Veneer (per tooth) From £640 From £800
Extractions - Routine From £64 From £80
Night Bite Appliances and Sports Guards From £56 From £70
Dentures - Full Upper or Lower £792 £990
Dentures - Part Upper or Lower From £264 From £330
Dentures - Partial Chrome (each) £960 £1200
Repairs From £40 From £50
Invisalign Full From £3999 From £3999
Invisalign Lite From £2800 From £2800
Invisalign i7 From £1500 From £1500
Full Invisalign includes tray tooth whitening and retention. 
Terms and conditions apply.
Implants Case Dependant Case Dependant
Supplementary Insurances

Included Not Included

This is not a complete list of every service we offer.

These prices are a guide only, prices for more than one tooth are often reduced.

Plans including a full price breakdown are given for every treatment.

Please look at our Special Offers & Membership plans.

Please contact us for further information.


You may make payments by credit & debit card, or cash.

It is our policy to give you a treatment plan including a cost estimate at the beginning of any course of treatment. 

We do request payment as treatment progresses, unless you have chosen one of our monthly payment plans. If treatment involves laboratory work (crowns/dentures) we may request to be paid in full prior to completion of the course of treatment.